Our Lifetime Roofing Warranty

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Introducing the strongest roofing warranty in the industry

Roofing by HOMEPLUS Inc. offers the strongest Labor Warranty in the industry, which mirrors the manufacturers new Lifetime Warranties, and covers the installation of any products we’ve installed on your home – for a lifetime!

When it comes to warranties, especially labor and installation warranties, we have always felt that the industry has not gone far enough. Why in the world would anyone spend several thousands of dollars on a new roof system and only get a warranty that lasts a few years? Perhaps the installing contractor is not that confident in his work or may be using inferior products so as to come in with the lowest pricing. Replacing a roof is a huge undertaking and homeowners should expect their contractor to stand behind all work performed. They want to know that their investment is going to pay dividends down the road…not costing them more money, in a few short years after the warranty runs out.

Roofing by HOMEPLUS Inc. will warranty our installation work for a lifetime! Just so everyone’s clear…here’s exactly how it works. If we install a new roof on your home, we will warranty the installation for as long as you own the home. If you sell the home, the warranty can be transferred to the new buyer, after we inspect the roof. There will be a nominal inspection / transfer fee.

What this warranty does not cover: This warranty does not cover Damage caused by (a) Natural forces, disasters, acts of the God, including, but not limited to, wind, hurricanes, tornadoes, hail, lightning, earthquakes, atomic radiation, insects or other organisms, or animals. (b) damage caused by vandalism, negligence, accidents, structure settlements, substrate failure. (c) Damage caused by the failure of the owner to use reasonable care in maintaining the roof, and (d) damage caused by repairs, removal, additions, alterations, made on or through the roof contrary to our specifications or without our prior written approval.

Your Roofing Problems Are Gone GUARANTEED…(and we put it in writing.)

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