Save Money Using Solar Energy


The Solar Attic Fan

The single best thing you can do to lower your energy costs, reduce the load on your AC unit, and at the same time extend the life of your roof, is to have the SolarAtticFan installed on your roof.

Here is how you’ll benefit:

  • Cools your roof, therefore making it last much longer.
  • Reduces the load on your air conditioning unit.
  • Improves fresh air circulation which makes for a healthier home.
  • Free Solar Energy…week after week, month after month, year after year.
  • 25 year manufacturer’s warranty and we’ll warranty installation for the life of the roof.
  • Save money on your power bill, especially during the hot summer months.

Most homes already have some form of passive ventilation, which means when hot air rises it escapes from some type of ventilation, like ridge venting or off-ridge vents. This type of ventilation is good, but the SolarAtticFan is better.

It’s pretty much a given that everyone wants to have one of these installed on their roof. Think about it. There is now down side to having it done. Even the cost of the installation is offset by the energy savings.

The SolarAtticFan is fully operational right out of the box and will start saving you money instantly. Call us today. You’ll be glad you did!

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