The Proof is in the Roof !

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Actually, it’s in the entire process!

We have a unique approach to the way we go about our business at HOMEPLUS. We firmly believe that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Before starting any re-roofing project we do a pre-site visit to see what unique situations may exist that will require special attention.

Finished ProductOnce we start a job we give it our full and undivided attention. Professional supervision on every job is necessary so as to prevent small problems from becoming larger ones.

Protection of personal property begins with tarpping the driveway and landscaping. We also protect the outside air conditioner from any falling debris.

After the old roof is torn off and properly disposed of in one of our construction trailers, we turn our attention to the replacement of any bad or rotted wood and the re-nailing of the entire roof sheeting.

When the wood work is complete we install the dry-in material, flashing detail, valley metal, drip edge and other components that make up the base for a custom roof. After building a solid foundation, the roof covering is installed, which in most cases will either be shingle, tile, or metal.

Clean up during and after the job is where we really show off. We take pride in the fact that your job site is kept clean during the process and is thoroughly cleaned and inspected at completion.

The “Proof is in the Pudding”…I’m not really100% sure I know what that means, but I do know what The “Proof is in the Roof” means. It means that, when we do your job… proof of our concern and quality workmanship goes into your ROOF from start to finish!

YOUR ROOFING PROBLEMS ARE GONE …GUARANTEED!   (and we put it in writing.)

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