Residential Roof Inspections

Residential Roof Inspection in Southwest Florida

Routine inspection is vital to extending your roof’s life span, protecting your home’s interior and addressing potential issues early on. Elements like the relentless Florida sun, torrential rains, hail and wind storms cause damage to your roof. Damage is sometimes invisible to an untrained eye.

Roofing by HomePlus is a licensed and insured tile roofing contractor specializing in residential roof inspection in Southwest Florida. We have a stellar reputation for quality craft, transparent pricing and comprehensive assessments, saving homeowners long-term repair costs since our inception in 2006.

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The Best Tile Roofing Company in Southwest Florida

Roofing by HomePlus has a reputation for delivering outstanding service, backed by our A+ Better Business Bureau (A+ BBB) rating. We offer:

    • Cost-effective solutions: Our team does comprehensive checks and spots minor issues before they become big problems, saving you extensive repair costs.
    • Experience and expertise: We are a full-service, licensed and insured roofing team with the skills and resources to provide quality inspections.
    • Responsive service: Our team quickly responds to any questions or concerns you may have before, during and after service.


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What Does a Residential Roof Inspection Include?

Our certified team does several comprehensive checks:

  • Ground inspection: We will inspect your roof from your yard. Our trained professionals may identify damage from the ground.
  • Rooftop inspection: Our experienced roofers get on your roof to inspect it. From this vantage point, they look for corrosion, leaks, stripped flashing and other damage.
  • Interior inspection: The team inspects the roof from the inside, checking the ventilation, internal components and insulation. Our roofers will notify you of pest infestations, water damage, leaks or damage that may impact your roof’s integrity.

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Inspections of Different Roofing Materials

Our certified tile roof contractors have expertly completed thousands of inspection services in the last decade. We have experience in metal, shingle and tile roof inspections:

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Checks Before and After Extreme Weather Events

Southwest Florida is prone to extreme weather events. Gail-force winds, hail storms and torrential rains can cause extensive damage to your roof.

It is essential to have your roof inspected before hurricane season to keep your home and family safe. Post-storm assessments are vital to fix broken components, replace missing parts and ensure your roof is in the best condition.

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Checking your roof bi-annually or after extreme weather events can significantly increase your roof’s longevity and protect your home’s interior from the elements. At Roofing by HomePlus, we’ve partnered with homeowners since 2006 to ensure their roofs are immaculate. Benefit from an experienced contractor checking your roof — schedule an inspection today.

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